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Getting Started with Type to Learn

Cost: Free

The "Getting Started with Type to Learn" Webinar will cover signing in, creating buildings, importing students, editing groups, adjusting settings of groups and individual users, reporting, and custom content.

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Advanced Instruction Webinar: Keyboarding Instruction with Type to Learn

Cost: $100

Keyboarding is a lifelong skill that students need to learn in order to be successful communicators in school and in life. In this exciting new session, you’ll learn how to evaluate and create a successful setting for keyboarding instruction, best practices on how to implement keyboarding instruction, how to use the four C’s in scheduling keyboarding instruction, along with how to include keyboarding skills into daily activities.

  • Foundational knowledge on pedagogical concepts
  • Steps to designing instructional practices
  • Recommendations and extensions for implementation
  • Additional resources & research to guide further curriculum development

You can optimize your keyboarding instruction capability by registering now for our Advanced Instruction Webinar, Keyboarding Instruction with Type to Learn.

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