Type to Learn - K-12 Keyboarding Curriculum

Start K-12 students on the path to long-term success with Type to Learn, a research-based keyboard curriculum used in over 15,000 U.S. schools. Type to Learn is 100% cloud-based, able to be used on Chromebooks, desktop computers, and iPads.

Type to Learn highlights technique, ergonomics, and key location. By allowing students to emphasize concept development instead of focusing on key location, Type to Learn provides additional benefits including improvements in spelling, writing and reading comprehension.

Type to Learn’s methodology is based on research by Dr. Leigh Zeitz. You can read the full White Paper for Type to Learn here.

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Sunburst Digital's Spiraled Technology Curriculum

Type to Learn is part of Sunburst Digital’s Spiraled Technology Curriculum, building the keyboarding foundation necessary for coding. Learn how to foster computer science skills in elementary, middle, and high school students.

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